macro_rules! routes {
    ($($method:ident $path:literal $(-> )?$handler:expr),+ $(,)?) => { ... };
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The routes macro represents an experimental macro for defining routers.

stability note: this may be removed entirely if it is not widely used. please open an issue if you like it, or if you have ideas to improve it.

use trillium::{conn_unwrap, Conn};
use trillium_router::{routes, RouterConnExt};

let router = routes!(
    get "/" |conn: Conn| async move { conn.ok("you have reached the index") },
    get "/pages/:page_name" |conn: Conn| async move {
        let page_name = conn_unwrap!(conn.param("page_name"), conn);
        let content = format!("you have reached the page named {}", page_name);

use trillium_testing::prelude::*;
assert_ok!(get("/").on(&router), "you have reached the index");
assert_ok!(get("/pages/trillium").on(&router), "you have reached the page named trillium");