pub trait Transport: Any + AsyncRead + AsyncWrite + Send + Sync + Unpin {
    fn as_box_any(self: Box<Self>) -> Box<dyn Any>Notable traits for Box<R, Global>impl<R> Read for Box<R, Global>where
    R: Read + ?Sized,
impl<W> Write for Box<W, Global>where
    W: Write + ?Sized,
impl<F, A> Future for Box<F, A>where
    F: Future + Unpin + ?Sized,
    A: Allocator + 'static,
type Output = <F as Future>::Output;impl<I, A> Iterator for Box<I, A>where
    I: Iterator + ?Sized,
    A: Allocator,
type Item = <I as Iterator>::Item;
; }
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The interface that the http protocol is communicated over.

Transport represents any type that is AsyncRead + AsyncWrite.

Examples of this include:

Note: Transport is currently designed around AsyncWrite and AsyncRead from the futures crate, which are different from the tokio AsyncRead and AsyncWrite traits. Hopefully this is a temporary situation.

It is currently never necessary to manually implement this trait.

Required Methods

in order to support downcasting from a Box<dyn Transport>, Transport requires implementing an as_box_any function.