pub trait LogFormatter: Send + Sync + 'static {
    type Output: Display + Send + Sync + 'static;

    fn format(&self, conn: &Conn, color: bool) -> Self::Output;
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The interface to format a &[Conn] as a Display-able output

In general, the included loggers provide a mechanism for composing these, so top level formats like dev_formatter, apache_common and apache_combined are composed in terms of component formatters like formatters::method, formatters::ip, formatters::timestamp, and many others (see formatters for a full list)

When implementing this trait, note that Display::fmt is called on LogFormatter::Output after the response has been fully sent, but that the LogFormatter::format is called before the response has been sent. If you need to perform timing-sensitive calculations that represent the full http cycle, move whatever data is needed to make the calculation into a new type that implements Display, ensuring that it is calculated at the right time.



LogFormatter is implemented for all tuples of other LogFormatter types, from 2-26 formatters long. The output of these formatters is concatenated with no space between.

&'static str

LogFormatter is implemented for &’static str, allowing for interspersing spaces and other static formatting details into tuples.

use trillium_logger::{Logger, formatters};
let handler = Logger::new()
    .with_formatter(("-> ", formatters::method, " ", formatters::url));

Fn(&Conn, bool) -> impl Display

LogFormatter is implemented for all functions that conform to this signature.

fn user(conn: &Conn, color: bool) -> Cow<'static, str> {
     match conn.state::<User>() {
        Some(user) => String::from(,
        None => "guest".into()

let handler = Logger::new().with_formatter((dev_formatter, " ", user));

Required Associated Types

The display type for this formatter

For a simple formatter, this will likely be a String, or even better, a lightweight type that implements Display.

Required Methods

Extract Output from this Conn

Implementations on Foreign Types